sieben mal solo (schraum, 2007)

seven musicians perform one solo each:
dave bennett, lars scherzberg, axel haller, paul hubweber, ute voelker, sabine vogel, christian marien


This is one of the best "various artists" album that I came across in recent times; tracks that might be classified as under average are absent, several of them being quite beautiful instead. (...)
There is no necessity of recurring to special effects or bell-and-whistle pyrotechnics to guarantee a hour of pleasurable listening, and this CD really deserves attention - both as a release in itself and as an excellent calling card for deepening the knowledge of the featured musicians' output.
massimo ricci, touching extremes

Axel Haller bows and scrapes his electric bass until it groans in seeming agony while the other musicians likewise push the limits of their instruments' potential. (...)
listeners with an appetite for courageous and boundary-pushing musicianship should find much to be fascinated by here.
Ron Shepper, textura

Wer heute noch Instrumente völlig neuartig bespielen will, muss sich etwas einfallen lassen.
Das haben diese Musiker/innen allesamt getan.
Martin Büsser, testcard

Abgekürztes Fazit: "sieben mal solo" – eine SMS mit außergewöhnlichem, ja überbordendem Informationsgehalt!
Andreas Fellinger, freiStil

… si chiude uno dei migliori dischi dell’anno, sicuro punto di riferimento per la sperimentazione a venire. Segnatevi questi nomi.
alfredo rastelli, sands-zine