cover favoriten

inien - favoriten (schraum, 2011)

johannes tröndle: cello
axel haller: bass


If you think Kronos Quartet is too mainstream, this may be one to check out.
eskaton, chaind dlk

… a pretty thorough exploration of non-conventional sonic properties of each instrument, not strictly bound to conventional technique. (…) the sense of breadth in these two artists collaboration is startlingly evident.
Nick Giles, Cyclic Defrost

… a particular powerful work.
frans de waard, vital weekly

Hier sind die Töne genauso wichtig wie die Zwischentöne, die fixierten wie die in der Schwebe gelassenen. Das klingt fesch nach kontrollierter, klug ausgelebter Freiheit.
Andreas Fellinger, Freistil

The infinite sounds and emotions possible with both the cello and bass are explored deeply by the duo of inien. "favoriten" challenges and disturbs as often as it comforts with its down-tuned, delicate but assertive brilliance.
Mike Wood, Foxy Digitalis

Amazing what a difference playing real instruments can make. Slow and achey abstract noise which grinds into you like a bucket of garden slugs poured over your belly.
Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

Fascinating sound intersection illuminated by two atypical duos, either of these CDs should interest double bass players of all stripes, as well as connoisseurs of out-of-the-ordinary music.
Ken Waxman, JazzWord

... kurios ist es allemal, und irgendwie stellt sich ein kleines Lächeln wie von selbst ein.
Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy